Due to the recent OSHA Final Rule regarding certification of crane operators, Rocky Mountain Crane has increased it's efforts to offer more NCCCO Tower Crane Operator preparation courses.  We also work to insure employers meet the requirements for its audited compliance program.

The courses offered provide classroom studies and hands on training to prepare you for both the written and practical exams needed to become NCCCO certified as a tower crane operator, rigger and signal person.  The NCCCO is a nationally recognized and internationally accredited certification program.  This program adds value to companies by reducing risk of loss, fewer accidents and expanded opportunities for operators.  Instructors are required to re-certify.

Many states and companies are requiring accredited certification for tower crane operators.  Although this is voluntary for some states and companies, legislation is before Congress to mandate this certification for all states.  Rocky Mountain Crane’s certification program prepares you for the written and practical exams, to insure your greatest chance of success.

Legislation before Congress was voted on and it passed, classes will be filling up rapidly and enrollment in the training courses now will guarantee your preparedness.  All certifications through Rocky Mountain Crane and the NCCCO will be accepted by this legislation.   Please check our calendar now and enroll for classes today.

The certification examinations are designed for operators who are trained and currently work in crane operations.  However, if you are new to the crane industry, this course can offer you a head start in the crane field.  All applicants will be screened for relevance and verified for eligibility.  All applicants must pass both the written and practical test within 1 year of completing the training course.  If you are unable to pass in that time period, you will be required to re-take the certification course.  Also, if you are currently certified and want to ensure up to date information prior to taking the re-certification exam - this class is for you.

To sign up for the Rocky Mountain Crane certified NCCCO training please view the classes below.  Once payment is received, you will be emailed a confirmation number that secures your place for the training dates and course selected.

*Please note that NCCCO certification is valid for 5 years and that re-certification must be completed within the PRIOR 12 months of expiration.

Rocky Mountain Crane also offers practical exams for individuals not wanting to complete the training course.  Pricing is as follows:

Practical Exam $400

Practical Exam re-test (same day) $200

Crane rental for practice $500/day

This will be scheduled as availability allows, so please contact us for availability.